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Hi! My name is Ben Hunt, and I’m from Vancouver, Canada. I am a young and unheard-of student interested in cars, especially sports and classic ones. The University of British Columbia is my alma mater, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism is what I am trying to figure out. When I was 23, I decided to start a subreddit related to problems students face every day.

Meet my mate, Brandon Ross. He’s 24, and he is still studying at the University of British Columbia, Civil Engineering. He’s keen on outdoor activities like rock climbing and rafting, and it’s just because he adores nature in Prince George, his hometown. 

Actually, our desire to save time resulted in a subreddit related to education, useful and efficient tips, guides, and bit by bit instructions. Guess who wanted to go rafting instead of beavering away at homework? That’s right! Brandon wanted to have more time for fun, and I needed to speed up monotonous work. That’s how the spark was lit!