Best Online Jobs for College Students

Working through college is not only the way for you to get money to cover basic expenses but also an opportunity to improve the knowledge and skills necessary for your future life. However, at some point, it may be tough to find a profitable job and still have a chance to strike a balance between studying and work. Fortunately, nowadays, people are not limited in their possibilities, while an increasing number of online positions may help to achieve the desired results. Have you always been critical of similar jobs? Do you question an opportunity to earn money online? Let me share my personal experience to convince you that the option may be 100% legitimate, safe, and lucrative.

The moment I moved to college, I realized I could not survive without extra sources of income. So, I started searching for a part-time job where I could earn at least some money to cover basic expenses. Well, I would lie saying that it was simple, but I had experience working in several companies after classes. None of them was successful, so I kept searching. Fortunately, Brandon once told me about his online job, its specifications, and advantages. I was really excited to hear about the flexibility that online work offers, as well as a chance to work as much as you need. Since then, I have been working as a freelance writer, accomplishing various tasks and projects. My hourly rate differs a lot, depending on such factors, as educational level, topic, urgency, and volume of the paper, but it is never lower than $15/hour.

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Are you eager to get started? Below you will find out several positions you can apply for as a student. Make sure you are passionate about what you want to do and ready to face the challenges and difficulties of the work. Additionally, I cannot help but mention some pitfalls you will have to deal with as you get the first taste of online jobs.

  • You will have to be diligent, hard-working, and goal-oriented in order to balance work and study.
  • Excellent time-management is a must, as you will fail immediately without this skill.
  • Forget about sleep? Wrong. A well-planned day is your key to success. Make sure you have enough time for work, study, and rest.
  • Get help from others. There are such moments when you cannot cope without side assistance. Do not be shy or embarrassed to ask for help.
  • Be persistent and determined to stay enthusiastic through the college years.

Once you are ready to get started, here are some best online jobs for college students.

  • Virtual assistant. If you have never heard of this position before, you have an excellent opportunity to investigate a new area and become successful in it. Basically, your key task is to organize and manage communication between different people. The situations and circumstances may be different, but exclusive time-management, problem-solving, and discussion skills are a must. Depending on the duties you will have, the hourly rate may vary from $10 up to $20. Some clients will pay not for an hour of your work but for the actual task you accomplish. Anyway, be ready to deal with social media management, research, data entry, and similar assignments.
  • Virtual recruiter. The work of the recruiter is not complicated but quite challenging. You should have an eye for the professionals in different areas. The task of the virtual recruiter is to connect employers with potential work executors. What can you do to achieve the desired outcomes? Search for highly professional people, screen resumes, interview some of them, and discuss the desired salary rate before you offer the candidate to the employer. The hourly rate is flexible, starting at $20, but can sometimes increase to $30 if your job is done fast.
  • Freelancer. Although the name of the position may sound weird, it is a nice thing to get started with. While the vast majority of learners enjoy to study online, most of them are eager to work online, as well. Small freelance tasks are excellent for those who are not ready for a more responsible position but want to immerse themselves in the sphere of online work. The wages may vary drastically, with the lowest range starting at $5, with the highest one reaching $50 per gig.
  • Online writer. It is an undeniable fact that by working as an academic writer, you can earn quite a decent living. The position is responsible and demanding, but the reward is worth it. Therefore, if you have the necessary writing skills and a burning desire to improve the quality of your college life, start searching for interesting projects that may bring you over $50 per task. Besides, it is inevitable to remember that working as a custom writer can advance your writing skills, learn new research techniques, and obtain the desired level of expertise in the field.
  • Blogger. If you are not ready to spend your free time accomplishing the assignments of other students, you can become a blogger instead. Creative and extraordinary people can start a prosperous career as a niche blogger and advance the career to a completely different level. Irrespective of the topic of your blog, you have an opportunity to become influential and earn a good salary. It is complicated to mention any sum of money you can make per hour or project, but you will definitely have enough to save money for a living.
  • Social media manager. If you are interested in the Internet technology and are aware of different social media and their specifications, you can apply for the position of the social media manager. An advantageous point here is that you can learn quickly online and adjust your existing skills to the specifications of the company you want to work for. The hourly rate here varies, depending on the firm you choose, the industry, and some other features. However, on average, it varies from $15 up to $40 per hour.
  • Tutor. Are you a diligent student who can help others succeed in a specific area? Why don't you start your own business, then? While the popularity of tutoring is constantly growing, you have an excellent opportunity to become one of the reputable and reliable ones. The hourly rate here may vary from $13 up to $20, sometimes even more.