Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Moving away from home, changing surroundings, facing new problems and challenges of student life may be overwhelming, especially if you lack money for living. Well, at some point, every single student starts thinking about getting a job to cover at least basic expenses and some extras. In fact, it is impossible for a responsible and diligent learner to get a full-time job, as it will surely damage your educational success. However, part-time jobs that are great for college students as they provide an ultimate chance to remain successful in studying and still get some money. If you have never considered it as an advantageous option, maybe, that's the best time to change your mind and focus on available options.

text about five best part-time jobs for students

Will you have an opportunity to balance between studying and work? How will you be able to cope with home tasks? How much money will you earn? These are the most common questions students ask as they dive themselves into the topic. To tell the truth, Brandon and I were just the same way. However, it took us not more than two months to turn from part-time job critics to fans. When the vast majority of our friends were happy partying and resting after classes, we had to work hard to cover living and studying expenses. Although there are plenty of part-time jobs, it is always complicated to opt for the best one. Check out the list of the most advantageous jobs suitable for busy college students.

  • Library assistant. $12/hour is the range of pay in part-time jobs of this type. Working as a library assistant, you will have an opportunity to stay on campus, make useful connections, have desired access to study materials, and get money for the help you offer other students.
  • Tutor. Working as a part-time teacher or tutor, you will have an opportunity to get $17 per hour. The rate may differ depending on the type of the subject you work with, as well as the educational level of the student. Anyway, it is a perfect position for students who strive to practically apply their knowledge and get money for the skills they have obtained.
  • Transcriber. The hourly rate may vary from $14 to $16, depending on numerous factors. Who can qualify for the position? Any student who can listen to the audio recording and type everything that has been said. However, the job is not suitable for active and lively students, who are full of energy, as the task is quite monotonous and daunting.
  • Freelance writer. If you are proficient in English, can read and analyze lots of facts, research different sources and write unique, plagiarism-free papers, this is the job you can apply for. There is no need to work at some part-time position with a low hourly rate, as you have an opportunity to earn over $24/hour doing your job.
  • Photographer. Unlike the vast majority of the counterparts, this job is not universal and requires much knowledge, specific skills, a high level of proficiency, and special equipment. However, if you are passionate about photography, you can earn $25/hour. Additionally, you will have a chance to save money to get new equipment, improve the quality of provided services, and enhance the rate.
  • Dog walker. Although it is one of the simplest and most traditional part-time job offers, it is undeniably a great alternative for those who want to have some extra cash. Working as a dog walker or sitter, the student has a chance to earn around $13 per hour. Your only responsibilities will include taking care of a pet, walking, feeding, and hanging out with it during the specified time.
  • Graphic designer. If you have always been different in the way of thinking and skilled in computer science, the position of a graphic designer may become the best one for you. You need to be creative and hard-working to provide customers with exclusive designs, patterns, and projects that will meet their requirements and satisfy preferences. Working part-time, you will get an hourly rate equal to $29-30.
  • Driver. Do you have a car and enjoy driving around? Well, you should not miss an opportunity to become an Uber driver who gets $14 per hour. Excellent driving skills, a smartphone with a strong Internet connection, a desire to help others, perfect communication skills, and friendliness are the only things you need to become successful in this sphere.
  • Receptionist. Similar to other part-time positions, this one does not require much skills and expertise. What you need to do is to be nice and friendly at the interview, be able to deal with a busy schedule, and work with billing and insurance information. At some point, it may be complicated to find a part-time job as a receptionist, but $15/hour is worth a try.
  • Warehouse worker. If you are ready to work hard to earn $12 per hour, you can start looking for a position of a warehouse assistant. A considerable number of big companies, like Amazon, are constantly searching for diligent and goal-oriented students who will qualify for the job. The hourly rate may vary a lot, depending on the company you are going to work for.
  • Bartender. Do you like to relax and enjoy a night in a luxurious club? Well, you may search for the job of a bartender, who will get around $8/hour. Unfortunately, you will not get an opportunity to relax, as you will have to serve the customers, but you will surely take maximum advantage of the favorite atmosphere.

Choosing the right part-time job is always complicated, even if you have so many options to consider. From my own experience, I can tell that any of the variants may help you succeed, especially if you are goal-oriented and determined. Striving to work online, I chose tutoring, which seemed not only profitable but also beneficial for my educational growth and excellence. Helping others with maths assignments provided me with an opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the area and become more proficient. My hourly rate was $19, which later increased to $20. A flexible schedule, a comfortable working environment, and a range of other specifications helped me balance work and studying and stay successful with both.