College Freshman Slogans 2020

Our lives are tightly related to slogans, famous sayings and quotes that make us buy things and call for different actions. College freshmen slogans are a separate part of the issue that features the entertaining and encouraging character. Do you wear a nice black T-shirt? Why don't you draw the attention of your fellow students with an impressive sign on it?

Although the first weeks at college are tough and the vast majority of first-year students are still embarrassed and frustrated about studying and living in the dorm, you will get relaxed and more confident after a month or two. Well, that is exactly the time to enjoy student life and get the maximum advantage of it.

It is inevitable to remember that the life of freshmen is full of pranks, jokes and tragedies. However, there is always an opportunity to follow the trends and earn the respect of other students.

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Top 10 Most Crazy Slogans

Cheerful, lively, full of energy and enthusiasm, these are the best characteristics of any freshman. However, it is also important to remember the stress, anxiety and embarrassment they frequently face as they meet sophomores and other fellow students. Some words, actions and phrases may look and sound crazy, turning into world-known freshmen slogans. Anyway, keep in mind that it will not last forever, so do your best to enjoy the first year at college. Stay positive, try new things, join various clubs and be as adventurous as you can. Besides, don't forget to have fun every day, as you will definitely miss this time.

Taking into account different colleges or universities, you will notice significant differences in the behavior of both freshmen and sophomores. Nevertheless, some things are universal, and slogans are one of them. Check out the most impressive, funny and crazy sayings that will blow your mind.

  • Don't stare at the freshman!
  • We are cooler than you!
  • The freshest child on the block!
  • Alien No Freshman YES!
  • A New Generation Is Coming!
  • Freshmen Are Friends, NOT Food!
  • Fresher today, boss tomorrow!
  • Thus Frosh is the Boss!
  • Seniors Wish to Be Fresh!
  • Thank Goodness, I am a Freshman!

Quotes of Famous People about College

Are you impressed by the list of the cool freshmen's slogans? That's not all we have in stock for you. If you have already forgotten your college years, we will freshen up your memory of some emotions and thoughts you might have had.

An interesting fact: modern celebrities were freshers, too! Some of them love to share their college memories, fun stories and exciting phrases. Tom Masson, David Wood, Bob Dylan and some other famous people remember their college experience with positive emotions only. Here are some of the most famous sayings they could remember and explain.

  • What's a college professor? Well, it's someone who talks in other people's sleep.
  • Major in thinking. It is a well-known saying among philosophy students. They joke that they start thinking deep thoughts about being unemployed right from the first day at college.
  • Real love does not exist. Students understand this slogan right away, as you need to spend all your money on tuition.
  • You are already a fool. You have probably heard college professors saying that college does not make fools. Students added to the saying that college only develops them.

Top 5 Crazy Slogans Freshmen Want on Their T-Shirts

Three t-shirts with freshman signs

You have probably found lots of interesting ideas and fun slogans for your freshman T-shirt already. Here are some other sayings that will make you stand out from the crowd:

  • Fresher than the rest!
  • Fresh till death!
  • We are fresh! We are men (even the girls)!
  • Do not die!
  • They all did, so I can too!