College Freshman Survival Guide 2020

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Life changes exceptionally fast when you head to college or are already in. New environment, independent life, unique responsibilities and a range of other factors scare young people and add to their frustration. Consequently, the vast majority of first-year students face a diversity of challenging moments and tricky situations.

At this point, it is essential to search for college freshman tips right from the moment you choose where to study. How will it help you survive through the first year studying in college and living in a dorm? Well, it is the best way to stay prepared for the most unexpected and unpredictable life events.

A freshman is one of hundreds or even thousands of other students, who share the same mix of excitement, uncertainty, anxiety and homesickness, as they first come to the college. It is inevitable to remember the unlimited number of first week myths and misconceptions that can make your life a mess, even though they are not always true. Stay organized, focus on studying, follow simple tips and find out specific college freshmen traditions and customs of the school you are going to enter. A positive mindset and corresponding attitude may help you eliminate college-related stress and increase your chances to succeed.

In fact, college is an amazing experience that can completely change your life. You will become more social, learn to make friends faster and get a valuable chance to prosper outside your comfort zone. When you start thinking about college life, you need to divide it into two parts, such as studying and living. It is hard to deny that the first aspect is frequently more challenging and daunting, as you have to spend most of your time doing home assignments and working on various projects. At the same time, you will need to get adjusted to life in a dorm, make friends with your roommate and deal with routine problems. How is it possible to cope with all these tasks? Keep reading to dispel some of the most typical myths and find out the most useful tips that will help you succeed right from the first day.

What Is College Dorm?

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When the time comes, and you need to move into a college dorm, fear, anxiety and frustration are the most common feelings that pop up. The reason is simple, as you have probably heard lots of different stories and tales about sharing a room, kitchen and bathroom with other people. In fact, it is not that scary. Just like your college classes, living in a dorm is a new and worthy experience. It gives you an opportunity to become more independent and responsible. Besides, you will have a chance to enjoy late-night discussions, busy parties and entertainment with new friends.

Freshmen Move-In Myths

As you get closer to the move-in-day, the excitement gets replaced by frustration and fear. After all, you have to leave the comfort of your sweet home and start living independently. At some point, you will enjoy the freedom, but first, you need to cope with numerous challenges that will appear every day.

Are you ready to meet your roommate? Well, check out some of the most common myths before you move in and start living in a college dorm.

Bathrooms Are a Mess

Cleanliness of common areas is one of the most significant concerns of all freshmen. Although the vast majority of students are convinced that such areas as bathrooms, halls and kitchens are gross, it is not really so. In the vast majority of cases, places for communal use are maintained and well-taken care of. However, do not forget about some items you need for personal use.

Roommates Are Best Friends

Sharing a room does not oblige you to become best friends. The move-in day will definitely be frustrating and stressful for both of you. Try to be friendly and welcoming, as you will have to live with this person for the whole year. Even though roommates do not always become lifetime friends, they usually get on well. Thus, there is always an opportunity to help one another, spend quality time together and get desired support and understanding.

There Is No Privacy

Different colleges have custom traditions, so you need to learn specific “rules” of your institution before you move in. In some dorms, students leave their doors open during the first week of studies, so anyone can come and greet you. It helps students get acquainted and make more friends. However, you do not have to do it if you feel uncomfortable about it. There is no way someone interferes in your private life unless you allow it. Irrespective of the welcoming and hospitable atmosphere in the dorm, every student has a chance to keep privacy off-limits.

Keep in mind that every person is unique, so your experience may differ greatly from the one you friends or siblings have had. Check out some of the most important tips for living in a dorm and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable time you will spend and a diversity of interesting memories you will create with your new friends.

Top 5 Most Important Study Tips for Freshmen 

Once you have got adjusted to new living conditions, it is the right time to care about your academic success. College studying requires not only much of your time but also patience, determination, diligence and hard work. Some students will have to develop basic time-management and problem-solving skills they have never had before. Keep in mind that your effort will always be rewarded, as the best students have an opportunity to apply for scholarships for college freshman and get their tuition fees covered. Focus on your studying and follow simple recommendations to increase your chances to prosper at college.

Do Not Miss Classes

If you go to all classes, participate in discussions, accomplish home assignments and interact with both fellow students and professors, you are likely to do well with your studying.

Manage Your Time

Being a freshman can seem challenging and chaotic. Thus, it is essential to develop time-management skills right from the very first day at college. At some point, you will get involved in various activities, each of them requiring your time and attention. Plan ahead to cope with all college tasks, have time for extracurricular activities and get an opportunity to relax and enjoy peaceful nighttime sleep.

Get Help

Studying is not easy so that you may need help. Do not get embarrassed to ask your professors to explain the task or assist with its accomplishment. Your desire to cope with the assignment is still highly appreciated.

Use Extra Resources

Working on different projects, you may need help outside usual class time or lectures. Fortunately, the up-to-date online market is filled up with credible resources you can use to improve your academic success.

Take Notes

It is a well-known fact that studying starts in the classroom and continues at home. Take notes to have a chance to revise the most important information presented by the professor.

Top 5 Most Common Mistakes Freshmen Make

The first year at college is ultimately exciting and full of new experiences. The overwhelming majority of students strive to succeed right from the very first day. As a result, they make too many mistakes, and their fixing requires much time and effort. Check out the most common college freshman mistakes to be forewarned and forearmed.

Missing Classes

Proper time-management skills are indispensable right from the very first day at college. Staying up late at night doing homework is of no use if you miss classes in the morning.

Taking Too Many Classes

Have you already decided which class to choose? Focus on a certain field and do your best to deepen your awareness and master your skills within the specified area. It is much better to gain a certain level of expertise in one subject rather than have shallow knowledge of different ones.

Picking Major Soon

Taking deliberate decisions is crucial for college students. Keep in mind that it may be too late to change the major, so, start considering your choice beforehand.

Making Friends with Your Professor

It is great to respect and trust your professor, but there is no way you become friends. Well, your fellow students will not like it.

Not Managing Credits

Graduation requirements are exactly what you need to consider right from the very first day at college. You may discover a diversity of interesting classes, but do not compromise your academic success.

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Are You Ready For College Now?

Well, at this point you are 80% ready for your first year at college. What about the other 20%? You will have to discover them on your own, getting your own experience. Additionally, there is a diversity of other pieces of dorm advice, but not all of them will be relevant to you. Therefore, get ready for some unexpected challenges, crazy events and unforgettable emotions.

Do not forget to take essentials in order to survive during the first days after you move in. Check out the college packing guide that will not only help you make friends with the dorm mates, but also enjoy every single day. Ready to immerse yourself into a new reality? Then, follow one of the favorite freshman slogans, saying, “Life is calling”.