College Freshmen Traditions

What are your best memories of college? Life is different and exceptionally unexpected, but the vast majority of people recall college years with warm feelings. It is the time when you need to leave your comfortable home and caring parents in order to immerse yourself in a completely different reality. The diversity of new rules, responsibilities, and obligations is often overwhelming, but the fun part is yet to come. New friends, sleepless nights studying and partying, and a range of other activities will help you love college and everything related to it.

How can you fight the embarrassment of the first days at college? Well, just forget about your fears and do your best to get adjusted to the educational process in college and the atmosphere in the dorm. Is there anything you can do to make the transition smoother? Check out the information about the rules and customs you will have to deal with right from the very first day.

An interesting fact: each college has its specific freshmen traditions, which may differ a lot. Student orientation and registration is frequently the most important time when you meet the same embarrassed and confused students and try to build your life together, at least 4-5 nearest years. Different forums, discussions, and reviews of previous students may help you know what may lie ahead. Besides, find out the most exciting and unexpected freshmen traditions your college has, so you are 100% ready for a new experience.

The Pull

a lot of people pulling the rope in the mud

Let's start our list with one of the most terrible campus traditions, which will help you be ready for the worst. This exact freshmen tradition at Hope College dated back to 1898, the year when the first battle between first-year students and sophomores took place. As the college dorm is located near the river, the students gather together on different sides of the river, striving to yank the opponents into muddy defeat. Over the years, the battle between freshmen and sophomores is getting increasingly interesting. Well, the purpose of the contest is not to make enemies at the dorm, but to unite newcomers and make them a real team instead.

Spree Day

people dancing on the street

Spree Day is another impressive tradition that has been cherished at Clark University for years. However, this one is more official and perfect for students who want to skip classes and have fun instead. On this day, lessons are canceled, and students gather together to celebrate fun activities in the fresh air. What makes this day special for first-year students? They never know when it is, as the date is kept secret. Seniors start their day by running through the college dorm, making a terrible noise. Then, it is time for fun to start!

Dragon Day

a lot of people bringing a golden dragon

For those people who cannot even imagine the power of student rage, Dragon Day is the exact opportunity to see it in action. In short, Dragon Day is the fight between students of different faculties at Cornell University. It was established in 1901 and has been taken annually since then. The students of both faculties work on a model of a dragon, carrying it all around the campus and organizing a real parade. Other students wear costumes on this day and have fun. Nowadays, Dragon Day is exceptionally awaited by newcomers at college. Freshmen who have ever heard about the tradition cannot wait to see it and become part of the celebration.

Rat Funeral

a lot of people are standing in a round at a funeral

Before you have a look at this specific tradition, you need to mind that Gallaudet University is a private facility for students who have hearing ailments. It is the only specialized school in the US that helps people with hearing disorders get a degree. However, it is also the unique university where freshmen organize a funeral ceremony for their rats. It may be hard to imagine, but originally, students had to keep a rat as a pet for a year, and then kill it. Nowadays, the process is much more humane, as students perform their actions with stuffed animal toys. Well, the process symbolizes the end of the first year at college and sets the beginning for educational maturity.

Silent Dance Party

young people dancing at a party in headphones

The tradition is exceptionally interesting and exciting for first-year students, as they do not participate, but can watch and wait for the event. The learners get together a day or two before finals and enjoy a silent party. Every student has the earphones and a long list of excellent music they will hear simultaneously.

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