Cooking Tips for College Dorm

Those young people who studied at college and lived in a dorm should know everything about cooking and the challenges related to it. Just imagine leaving the comfort of your own home, where you always had breakfast, lunch, and dinner ready, and heading to an independent life where you are the one responsible for your meals. Moreover, you have a diversity of other chores, which makes the situation even more difficult.

My college dorm cooking experience started with a diversity of ready-made meals that are sold in the supermarkets. As for breakfast, there was nothing more delicious than a sandwich and a hard-boiled egg. However, just think about my stomach and the feelings I had every single day. So, at some point, I made a decision to change my diet and learn to cook simple stuff that would be nourishing and delicious.

Right from the very beginning, I faced a lot of challenges, including a lack of utensils and equipment necessary for cooking. What was I supposed to do? Of course, I started making friends and sharing lunch and dinner with fellow students. But it could not last forever, so I searched the Internet and found a lot of exciting ideas. The budget was limited, do not forget about it.

Meal Ideas for an Average Day at College

College years are undeniably the best, but, like any other experience, they have specific challenges and problems. The absence of college dorm cooking appliances, limited budget, and lack of skills make the first weeks and months in a dorm unbearable. Constant hunger and starvation are the worst feelings of all. Check out the basic recipes that helped me survive through the years at college.

Nourishing and Energizing Breakfast

  • It is a well-known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which should be light but nourishing. However, when you are a student who loves to sleep long in the morning, it should also be fast. Even having the simplest college dorm cooking set, you will have an opportunity to get any of these dishes.
  • Pancakes. What can be easier and faster than combining some milk, eggs, flour, and sugar together to get a sophisticated breakfast? Add your favorite topping and enjoy a meal.
  • Omelette. The only ingredient that should obligatorily be in the meal is an egg. All the other components are optional, so it is a perfect option for students.

Sophisticated Lunch

If you get a nice breakfast, it will be much easier to survive through the day. However, you can also take some snacks or sandwiches to have a quick bite in between. There is no need to search for exquisite college dorm cooking recipes, as you can always take dates, raisins, or some of the more sophisticated options.

  • Veggie wrap for those who do not eat meat or cannot afford it.
  • Chicken and avocado sandwich may also be a great choice, as it is easy-to-cook, but is still filled with vitamins and minerals necessary for your health.

Light Dinner

When you are back from classes, there is no way you head to the kitchen to cook stuff. Instead, you will be eager to have something delicious but fast. Here are a few exciting dinner ideas which are simple to prepare, tasty, and affordable.

  • Homemade pizza. Ordering a pizza may be too expensive for an average college student, but you can always cook a cheaper, home-made alternative.
  • Lasagne. It is a tasty and filling meal, where you can always use the leftovers.

Meals for a Big Company

Partying is an indispensable part of student life. No matter if you host a small dorm party in a room or have a busy movie or game night, you need to be ready to prepare a delicious snack. Cooking in college dorm is complicated, but real. There is no need to order expensive pizza, as you can always cook tacos or meat wraps, which will be tasty and nourishing.

Easy Tips for Excellent Dishes at Minimum Cost

The only desire of the students who stay in a college dorm is to save money and still have an opportunity to enjoy a delicious and nourishing meal. Is it possible to cook something special if you have poor equipment that is not suitable for any of the options from your favorite list? If you are not a fresher, you should know simple tips and hints that will help you get what you want.

  • Visit a friend. This is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most comfortable ways to have a nice party at a minimum cost. What you need to do is to be friendly and welcoming. Give a visit to one of your fellow students who live off-campus and enjoy a chance to have a desired barbeque party.
  • Go to the cafe. Student life is filled with important events so that you can celebrate some of them in the nearest cafes. Additionally, that is a great way to spend quality time and eat a tasty meal.
  • Order food. Every time we wanted to spend quality time watching a movie or playing games, we ordered some ready-made meals.
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