Dorm Room Upgrade Ideas

The only thought about going to college was terrifying for me, as I realized that I would have to forget about a convenient, welcoming, and cozy place and head to a moody, small and uncomfortable dorm room. Well, the reality turned out to be a bit different. With a little patience, effort, determination, and money, I managed to transform a college dorm room and make it a lovely place I wanted to be back to.

In general, college life is a precious time for personal growth and development, so you need to become responsible, diligent, and hard-working. Start your changes with a dorm room, and you will notice how easy it is. Search the Internet for quality dorm room decor ideas, and get an opportunity to enjoy the following year of your life. What do you need to start with? What was my experience? How much did it cost me to change the atmosphere in a dorm room?

Well, there are lots of questions that will bother you throughout the process, but the first thing you need to do is to come up with the idea. What do you want your accommodation to be like? If you prefer a calm and peaceful atmosphere, you should not use aggressive black or green accessories. However, if you are fond of energizing and inspiring colors, yellow and red ones may become your top choices. Right, the very first step I made on the way to a perfect dorm room was painting the walls. Striving to increase the area and make it look more spacious, I used beige paint, which is excellent for both partying, studying, and working.

When the beginning was set, I started looking for affordable and nice dorm room ideas I could implement without significant damage to my budget. Here are some of the simplest and cheapest options for college students who are the same crazy and enthusiastic as I am.

  • Personalize your space. It is impossible to deny that the desire to live independently and feel the freedom is overwhelming during the college years. I am not an exception, so I always wanted to add some personality and individual touches to the existing space. What are the simplest college dorm room personalization ideas? Decorate the wall with the family picture, take your pillow from home, or create a specific corner with your books and stuff.
  • Add lightning. If you are a party guy, you know everything about late-night studying. Additionally, you acknowledge the importance of the proper lighting that will not harm your eyes but will, instead, add to the atmosphere and coziness of the room.
  • Create maximum comfort. Is it possible to make a dorm room a lovely place without a devastating impact on your budget? Keep in mind that details matter. A soft rug, a small picture on the wall, a cute alarm clock, or any other detail may add to your room.
  • Care for the atmosphere. Properly selected lighting, comfortable sofa, comfy blankets, and a diversity of other details will help you save money and create an excellent atmosphere. Are you still concerned about how to decorate a dorm room? Add some of the above-mentioned details and enjoy your cozy and spacious place.
  • Purchase multifunctional furniture. If you have already used some of the recommendations, your dorm room should look nice, orderly, and tidy. Therefore, it is an excellent place for living, resting, and partying. However, you should never forget that a dorm room should also be convenient for studying. Stay concentrated and focused in order to achieve the desired success. Opt for the multifunctional furniture and other accessories that will inspire and motivate you for further activity. A comfortable computer table, office supplies, inexpensive paper organizers, as well as other odds and adds, will make your work much more productive.

Top 3 Most Impressive Dorm Room Ideas for Boys

No need to hide the truth, every male student wants his dorm room to look cool and stylish. Simple details and affordable accessories will help you achieve your goal. Check out some of the most popular boys dorm room ideas literally everyone used during my college years.

  • Get a poster with your favorite player. No matter if you are a fan of soccer, football, or baseball, you should definitely have a favorite player. A huge poster on the wall will make your days even more exciting.
  • Equip a special place for your hobby. Do you have a hobby? Do not forget to organize at least a little corner devoted to it. It will surely encourage you to keep developing it and mastering your skills.
  • Buy a multifunctional table for both studying and playing. If you are a diligent student during the day and passionate party fun in the evening, a quality study area that can be easily transformed into a playground is a must. It is an indispensable thing for any dorm party or celebration, as well as education. Check out other dorm room ideas that can help you organize the boy's room in the best way.

Top 3 Interesting Tips for Girl's Space

No matter if you live in a college dorm or an apartment, a girl's room is a special place filled with love, passion, and unicorns.

  • Play background music. I'm not an expert here, but they say girls love romantic music. Surely, you cannot play it all day long, but it may be an excellent way to relax and spend time with your friends.
  • Add candles. Pleasant music, a nice atmosphere, and candles will not help you study, but will definitely make you love your dorm room.
  • Get a special shelf for your jewelry and accessories. The vast majority of girls dorm room ideas are associated with zoning on your personal space. Do not forget about the beauty area you need, but also keep in mind the main purpose of your college years.
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