Dorm vs. Apartment: the Pros and Cons

College life is undeniably exciting in so many aspects. On the one hand, you can finally get your head above the water and start an independent life, facing your own challenges and searching for their solutions. On the other, you may constantly lack the support and encouragement of your family and friends, especially when you need to make significant life choices. From my own experience, I can tell that the challenge is real, and the outcomes of your college experience depend mainly on you.

What college is the best? How is it possible to leave the comfort of your home and move to a moody dorm room? Is it cheaper to live in a dorm or in an apartment? How is it possible to make friends with your roommates? These are the most typical questions that will bother you even before you enter any educational facility. In fact, you should not worry about stuff, but rather gather yourself up and start making deliberate decisions.

Do you keep asking your parents and friends, “Should I live in a dorm or apartment, as I go to college?” That's the right time for you to check out the crucial factors that may determine your choice.

Specifications of Student Life in an Apartment

The dorm vs apartment freshman year decision may be simplified and made by the college staff. In the vast majority of educational institutions around the US and many other countries, the first-year students have to stay on-campus and live in a dorm. However, later on, they can choose whether they are satisfied with such a way of life or they want to move. To tell the truth, apartment living seems exceptionally beneficial, but the reality may be completely different. So, read the reviews of former students and learn information about the experience before you make a final choice.

  • Privacy. This is, probably, one of the most crucial factors that made me move from a college dorm. It is literally impossible to have at least any privacy among the hundreds of students wandering around. Besides, the situation is getting worse if you fail to make friends with your roommate.
  • Rules. I would call it independence and an ability to control your living space on your own. Renting an apartment, you do not have to follow strict rules, codes, or other types of restrictions.
  • Space. When I finally moved to an apartment, after a year living in a dorm, I could not hide my happiness, as I got a big kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom all for myself.
  • Food. Are you tired of cooking? You can always get to the nearest café and have something to eat. It will anyway be cheaper than being on the campus meal plan. Moreover, you will have a precious chance to enjoy delicious meals any time you get hungry.
  • Entertainment. If you have ever thought about inviting guests to your dorm room, you have probably heard about lots of requests you have to make and the diversity of permissions you need to receive. However, everything is completely different from a rental apartment, as you are 100% free to choose what to do.
  • Atmosphere. Depression, stress, and anxiety are the most common feelings that bother students that stay in college dorms, at least for the first several weeks. The reason is simple, like everything, there is moody and gloomy. Living in a rental apartment is a completely different experience when you can adjust everything in accordance with your tastes and preferences.
  • Distance. Living away from college may be challenging, as you will need more inspiration and motivation to head to the facility.
  • Security. If you stay in an apartment, you can never be confident in the safety of your everyday life. There is always a risk of becoming a victim of a burglar.
  • Discipline. The vast majority of students think about the rental apartment as an opportunity to feel the freedom, but the reality may be a bit different. The students will have to be even more responsible, motivated, and disciplined while living off-campus.
  • Expenses. There are a lot of expenses that appear as you move away from college. You will have to spend a lot of money on living, food, gas, and similar items.

Are you in for getting an apartment in college? Keep in mind that you may face significant problems and challenges. Besides, it may be exceptionally complicated even to choose an apartment. So, keep considering the available options before you make the final choice.

College Dorm to Enjoy Student Years or Fight for Survival?

What is my association with a college dorm? There are several words that can describe the whole experience, including fun, responsibility, friendship, challenge, and motivation. It is hard to be an excellent student staying on campus, especially if you lack inspiration. Similar to an apartment experience, living in a dorm has a range of benefits and drawbacks.

  • Cost. This is probably one of the most important differences when you consider dorm vs apartment decisions. The prices for rental apartments vary a lot, but you will never pay more for a dorm room. Just compare that an average college dorm cost is around $9 000, which is a minimum of $1000-2000 less than any other type of accommodation.
  • Social life. Exciting parties, movie nights, and a diversity of other funny events help students enjoy life in a college dorm. Additionally, you will always have a chance to make friends with fellow students and dorm mates, who will always have your back.
  • Utilities. Living on campus, you do not have to worry about stuff, like the Internet, water, gas, electricity, and similar details.
  • Transportation. If you stay close to college, you will not have to spend much money on gas, as you will not need to go away. Everything you need is close and can be easily accessed at any time.
  • Cooking. Are you tired of the same food in the canteen? Well, you can check out the unlimited number of cooking tips and get several interesting ideas for breakfast or dinner. However, keep in mind that a cooking space is exceptionally limited in the dorm, which may be uncomfortable.
  • Packing. Do you need a cup, a blanket, or a lamp? No one will care for it, except for you. Read the college packing guide before heading to the dorm and make sure you have everything necessary for a comfortable life.
  • Privacy. That's the most annoying problem you will face in a dorm. It is perfect if you become friends with your roommate, but the situation aggravates if you do not. Stay organized and do your best to have both time and space for personal stuff.
  • Atmosphere. If you still consider whether to choose a college dorm or apartment, you need to consider the cold and moody space you will get on campus. Everything around you will be depressing and irritating unless you start searching for interesting ideas for dorm room decorations.

 Wrapping Up

Once you have already got to college, the only thing you will have to deal with is whether to stay in a dorm or rent an apartment. It is impossible to deny that each option has its advantages and drawbacks, but they are usually individual and depend on your preferences, requirements, and interests. Additionally, it is inevitable to remember about academic needs you will have.

During my college years, I have had both experiences and can easily judge about each one of them. As a freshman, I had no choice, so I stayed at college. However, everything changed as I became a sophomore. Well, let me tell the truth, making a choice is not as simple and obvious as many students think. It is essential to weigh all the possible pros and cons before answering the important question.

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