Freshmen Week Myths

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There is hardly any student who can say that the first week at college was a blast. Instead, the overwhelming majority of people associate this time with embarrassment, frustration, and discomfort. The reason is usually super simple: students learn too much information about the freshmen week, which is not always true or relevant. Consequently, they get deluded by their own views and misconceptions. No matter what college or university you choose, it is inevitable to search for up-to-date facts about studying, living in the dorm, and interacting with other students.

If you are still convinced that the first days, weeks, and months at college are unbearable, it is the right time to dispel some of the most common myths that frequently scare students and prevent them from possible success. Forget about exaggerated stories and enjoy every minute you spend at college. Check out nine most misleading and unusual myths and do your best to start the semester blissfully.

Myth #1: Freshman 15 Cannot Be Avoided

It is difficult to find a college student who is not aware of the notorious freshman 15 myth. A considerable number of students start cutting on their favorite sweets and other products in order to eliminate the risk of getting weight during the first weeks and months at college.

In fact, the statement about gaining weight during the college years is arguable. Stick to a healthy diet, exercise regularly, get enough sleep, and you will have zero risks to lose your current physique.

Myth #2: All Students Are Coffee Addicts

Well, it is not a myth that coffee is one of the favorite drinks of many students. It is ultimately helpful both in the morning when you need to wake up fast and at night when you have to accomplish your project. However, most students control the consumption of caffeine in order to eliminate possible health problems.

Myth #3: College Will Isolate You from Real World

Being a student is hard, as you have more duties, responsibilities, and obligations than ever before. Most of your life is concentrated around your academic success, socialization, and interaction with fellow students. Nevertheless, it is not a reason to get isolated in the college dorm and have no connections with the real world.

Myth #4: Students Know What Career to Pursue

Are not you sure about the class to choose for the first semester? Do not get frustrated, as the vast majority of other students are exactly the same. Start thinking about your future career, but remember that the classes you choose determine neither your future life nor profession.

Myth #5: Studies, Social Life and Sleep Cannot Be Combined

The inability to live a sophisticated, full life is one of the most devastating myths that make first-year students suffer a lot. In fact, everything depends on you and your attitude towards life. Well-developed time-management, problem-solving, planning and other skills may help you achieve the desired results and enjoy an excellent combination of successful studies, perfect social life, and peaceful nighttime sleep.

Myth #6: Living in a Dorm Is Terrible

When students move into a college dorm, the first and the strongest desire they have is to become the best buds with the roommate. However, the reality is frequently different, and some people fail to be BFFs. How bad is it? Not at all. Forget about the extremes, as you should not necessarily be friends or enemies with your roommate. The vast majority of students who share dorm rooms have excellent relations and can co-exist well together.

Myth #7: You Are All Alone in College

When you first come to college, homesickness and loneliness are the strongest feelings you have. Nevertheless, do not get disappointed, as the reality is completely opposite. Friendly, amicable, and hospitable individuals will always have somebody to rely on. No matter if it is your roommate, fellow student, or a professor, you will be surrounded by people you can trust.

Myth #8: You Will Always Be Hungry

College is undeniably a time of culinary adventures. You will learn how to cook soup in the microwave oven and how to get a delicious meal from carrot, rice, and beans. However, it does not mean you will starve all the time. Make a meal plan so that you can plan your expenses. Thus, you will always have something tasty to eat and sometimes even share with others.

Myth #9: There Is No Fun in College without a Car

If you go to a college in a small town, you will definitely need a car to drive to the nearest cinema, nightclub, or museum. On the other hand, you can always organize a movie party, history club, and any other entertainment in the dorm.

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