Halloween Campus Traditions

From the very childhood, Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Funny decorations, delicious treats, impressive costumes and spooky characters have always been impressive. To tell the truth, nothing has changed with the years, and even now, when I study at college, some of the traditions remain the same relevant and interesting. Of course, the number of Halloween party ideas has increased a lot, but their meaning is all the same.

This time, first in my life, I will celebrate Halloween far away from my home, together with campus friends. Is it exciting? You can only imagine how interesting and funny it can be. Hopefully, you have started considering your costume and other details of the event, as time flies. Get ready for the most impressive experience you will never forget, as college Halloween celebration is something completely different.

Surely, everything will depend on the college you go to, but every single one has its unique way of celebrating this event. If you are ready to have a look at the most impressive ones, here is the list.

Pumpkin Drop

This is one of the favorite traditions in several reputable and appreciated colleges. The students of MIT, Case Western Reserve University, and multiple other educational facilities know how to make every really unusual and crazy. Forget about a trivial room decoration session, as you will get involved in something much more impressive.

Well, pumpkin is one of the most popular symbols of the event. The students of these universities have a tradition to drop the huge pumpkins from the top of their main building. Later on, the students enjoy tasty cider and pumpkin pie with fellow students and college staff.

Healy Howl

It is not even necessary to say, as you will notice it on your own, that every following tradition is even crazier than preceding. If you watched horror movies, you should have heard about the Exorcist. Well, it may be hard to believe, but Georgetown University has one of the strangest Halloween traditions ever. It is greatly related and inspired by the movies, so the students gather together to watch the movie. Once it is over, they all head to the cemetery and howl at the moon. Just keep in mind that the action takes place somewhere at midnight.

Pumpkin Festival

Have you ever seen over a thousand pumpkins in one place? It is time to visit Penn State University during the Halloween celebration. There are many different campus activities here, but this is, probably, one of the most unusual and beneficial.

Everything starts a few days before the holiday so that students have enough time to get ready. Each participant gets a pumpkin, which should be carved. When the celebration comes, the showpieces are displayed and judged by the jury. There are numerous categories that get impressive rewards. Additionally, there is always an opportunity to spend an excellent time, bring to life your favorite Halloween costume ideas, and have fun.

Halloween Parade

If you have never felt the special atmosphere of a traditional Halloween parade, you could not fully enjoy the celebration. The tradition is typical for a whole range of cities, schools, colleges, and communities. Unfortunately, I have never had a chance to participate in such activities, so the first time I did, it was at college. Similar to Fordham University, a wide range of other institutions join the tradition and contribute to its continuation.

While some campuses organize a usual trek to a different part of the city, others have charitable auctions and soup kitchens to help people in need get the essentials. To my mind, it is the best way to take advantage of the celebration in order to become useful for others.

Zombie Walks

The very first association I had about Halloween as a child is a huge zombie walk in the neighborhood. Children and teenagers got their costumes on and headed to each and every door, screaming, “Trick, or treat.” It was really unexpected for me to hear about the way students at Bucknell University celebrate Halloween. In fact, it reminded me of my childhood. However, here it is a completely different level and quality of an action, as the students are accompanied by police that guides and protects them.

Apart from the mentioned customs, there are lots of other funny, strange, unusual, abnormal, and bizarre Halloween campus traditions worldwide. It is important to remember the eternal attributes of the celebration, such as Halloween snacks, treats, bright costumes, and famous phrases. Although the overwhelming majority of students do not even have an idea about the true meaning of the holiday, it is another opportunity to have fun and enjoy life. Ask your fellow students about the unusual traditions on your campus to make sure you are in.

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