Halloween Essentials: The Weirdest Costumes & Décor Ideas

College years may be challenging, difficult, and at some point, even unbearable, but everything changes after the first huge party on campus. Halloween is surely one of the most appreciated and exciting events students celebrate together. It is inevitable to remember that every college has its specific Halloween traditions, so make sure you are aware of the most exciting and unexpected customs people stick to. From my own experience, I can tell you that the first Halloween celebration may be harsh, as you have zero ideas about the suitable costume to take on, snacks to buy, and accessories to put in your room. Everything changes when you become a sophomore, but my desire is to help you with the most interesting Halloween party ideas that will help you gain reputation and respect among other freshers.

If you are still not ready for your first experience, check out a few décor and costume ideas that will not leave anyone around you indifferent.

Top 9 Halloween Costumes that Will Make You Stand Out From the Crowd

No matter how fun your games are or how delicious your food is when you are dressed like usual. Instead, little details make the holiday exciting and appreciated. There is no way you organize a huge celebration and do not take enough time and effort to find, buy, or create a perfect costume. Do you have a limited budget? Not a big deal, as all my Halloween costumes were DIY. Check out the nine most exciting alternatives before you make your choice.

  • Clown. Personally, I know a lot of people who are afraid of clowns. So, you will scare some of your fellow students and impress others.
  • Cowgirl. Don't you have time or resources for an exclusive Halloween outfit? It is a top choice for those who want to look stylish without significant damage to the budget.
  • Devil. Are you ready to be unique? Only courageous and fearless students can opt for such a costume, but people will love it.
  • Cloud. Dark and moody or bright and sunny, the choice is up to you. Anyway, it can become a great option for those who do not want to spend much time selecting the outfit for the celebration.
  • Sun and Moon. It is a nice and lovely costume which is perfect for a couple or just friends. Add little details, which will make it a bit more interesting.
  • Joker. Do you remember the bright makeup and specific hairstyle Joker had in the movie? That is the scariest costume you can use for the college dorm Halloween celebration. You may frighten your roommate but definitely impress the rest of the participants.
  • Queen of Hearts. This costume will know everyone down. Passionate, intriguing, and impressive are the words that cannot fully describe your Halloween image. Additionally, it can be easily made at home.
  • Men in Black. If Halloween is tomorrow and you have no ideas about your outfit, Men in Black costume is exactly what you need. Just take a suit on and search for the black sunglasses for your costume to look better.
  • Ski girls. This is a perfect image for a group of trendy and fashionable girls. Add goggles or sunglasses to come with the most easy-to-do, affordable, but perfect costume.

Interior Accessories that Will Add to Your Halloween Atmosphere

When you have already decided what costume to choose and how many people to invite to your celebration, it's the right time to add a bit of detail to the atmosphere. No worries, it will not cost you a fortune, as some of the accessories are DIV, while others cost not more than $10-15. No need to buy them all, but rather opt for one or a few options you like the most. Do not forget that you should also care for Halloween snacks that will take a considerable sum of your money. When you are ready to make a choice, have a look at the top-quality items at a reasonable cost.

  • Boo cats doormat. Do you want people to know about your Halloween party? Set the atmosphere starting from the entrance door.
  • Spider Net. This is the best decoration for your walls, which will create an excellent atmosphere and add to the celebration.
  • Skeleton bowl. Although it is little and may not be noticed by the majority of guests, a skeleton bowl is what you need to buy for a Halloween party.
  • Pumpkin container. Where do you save your black and orange candies? It is the best solution, which will set the mood and correspond to the event.
  • Plastic Skull. Does it look scary? That's exactly what you need for a Halloween party.
  • Black raven toy. Who will welcome your friends at the door? A black raven is the right best option for the event.
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