How to Make Friends with Your Professor

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear about a chance to become friends with the college professor? Well, the vast majority of students consider instructors to be creepy, old people who have nothing in common with fun and entertainment. But what is reality? Professors usually have nothing to do with the stereotypes, as they are not only wise and intelligent but also cool and sometimes even crazy. The only problem is, they don't usually want students to know their fun part, as reputation and respect are more important and valued.

Nonetheless, there is always an opportunity to get them to know a bit better. It may take some time and effort, though. Follow the simple instructions that will help you not only make friends with your professor but also succeed at college.

Choose an Interesting Class

Making friends with a professor is an excellent goal, but definitely not the one to focus on during the college years. Make sure you select the class, which is interesting and involving. Follow your passion for attending every lesson and being active during it. That is the first and the most significant step on your way to respect and appreciation from your mentor. Keep in mind that the only way to learn your professor better is through a common commitment and devotion to a subject.

Find the Professor You Like

Strict, condescending, and harsh professors seem to be the kindest and most interesting character ever. What is the best way to learn the instructor better? Attend the class he organized, ask fellow students about the research he holds, and get involved in any of these directions. However, do not forget about the personal space and the desire of the mentor to keep professional activities secret. Be respectful, polite, and tactful.

Keep in Touch

Once you have found some common activities and interests with your professor, do your best to keep in touch. Do not be annoying and troublesome, as it will make a completely opposite effect. Send emails, drop by the office and take some classes together, but do not send hundreds of personal texts and phone calls. Online platforms can also help you stay in touch, discussing important issues and scholarly matters.

Be Friendly

There is no way you become friends with the professor unless you are amicable and friendly. Greet your mentor every time he enters the class. However, do not forget to help if you occasionally meet him on the campus or other facilities.

Have Your Place in the Class

If there is no seating plan in your classroom, learn to be consistent with where you sit. The vast majority of professors are likely to remember the names and faces of diligent and hard-working students.

Stay Active During Classes

It may be exceptionally challenging and difficult to be active, ask questions, and show your concern on the topic of the class when there are many students around. Besides, you can look like a nerd, which is also not very good. However, it is important to be involved during the lectures and practical lessons. Don't forget about 5-10 minutes you have after the lecture, when the professor is ready to interact with students.

Avoid Distractions

Phones, laptops, and other devices can make you notorious, as their use during the classes will show disrespect to the professor. No matter if you are making notes, searching for more info on the topic, or dealing with other tasks. Multitasking will not help you succeed academically and become the best student. Besides, do not forget that professors are all-seeing, and they notice students who are both attentive and not.

Attend Office Hours

Even though the importance of office hours is frequently underestimated, some students take maximum advantage of it. That is a perfect time when you can get the answers to all your questions and show due concern on the topic. Maintain professional boundaries and put your personal concerns aside.

Hand Assignments on Time

Diligent students with excellent time-management and problem-solving skills are the ones who usually become professor's friends. Stick to deadlines, but do not be embarrassed to ask for an extension, if necessary. Anyway, keep in touch with the professor to get some guidelines and recommendations.

Show Interest in the Research of Your Professor

Many professors do not only give lectures but usually work on academic projects. Show your interest in the topic of the research and contact your professor to get more details.

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