How to Save Money Being a Student

Being a student is not an easy experience. No matter if you are just looking for a prestigious college to enter, or you are already a student, it is inevitable to view studying not only as an opportunity to improve your knowledge and advance professional skills but also as a chance to learn to live independently. Although the vast majority of people underestimate the cost of life at college, we are here to dispel the myth and share our own experience.

When we first came to college, Brandon and I were exceptionally happy to start an independent life, where we can do whatever we want and spend money on the things we like. So, at the end of the first month, we organized a cool dorm party with many guests, nice music, and, of course, delicious treats. At that point, we did not even think about the expenses and the way we were supposed to survive afterward.

Besides, when the first holiday period approached, we decided to travel to a new destination, as it is our common hobby. So, we headed to an adventure that also took a considerable part of our budgets. In return, we faced the reality, which was unexpected and a bit depressing. Apart from entertainment, college life is tightly related to studying. We were supposed to buy lots of textbooks, pay tuition fees, and cover a lot of other education-related expenses. So, at that point, we viewed a problem, decided to analyze the situation, and find out possible solutions. Occasionally, I found out that I could not afford even a necessary device for my dorm room anymore, and the situation with Brandon was almost the same.

What do you think we started doing? Of course, the first idea that popped out in my mind was to find a job and cover all the expenses. Additionally, I made a budget that helped me distribute the money I had in the best possible way. Fortunately, this situation happened during my first year at college, so I could deal with it fast and keep leading a normal lifestyle. However, in a considerable number of instances, learners keep struggling with money-related problems for several years. If you currently face financial problems and see no way out of the situation, hopefully, the conclusions we have made from our experience will help you.

Top 7 Ways to Avoid Bankruptcy at College

Well, all the students will agree that it is complicated to balance financial situations, especially if you live in a dorm. Although it is complicated, the struggle is real. Follow simple recommendations that may help you reduce unnecessary expenses and still enjoy an interesting and exciting time at college.

  • Make a budget. A budget is one of the most important points every single freshman survival guide starts with. Plan your expenses ahead, leave some sum of money for emergencies, and save the rest. Estimate your income and make sure you can afford not only studying but also entertainment.
  • Search for discounts. This is one of the best options that helped me survive during my freshman year. There was not a single day I did not search the Internet for sales and discounts. No matter if it comes to food, clothes, or gadgets, it is an excellent opportunity to save money on the essentials you cannot live without.
  • Go shopping when you are full. This principle works not only with students but all the buyers. The results of studies prove that you are likely to buy a lot of unnecessary stuff if you go shopping hungry. Make a list of products and other items you need to purchase and stick to it when in the supermarket.
  • Learn how to cook. This point is easier for girls, but boys should view cooking not as an obligation but as an opportunity to save a considerable sum of money. Make a simple breakfast so that you do not have to buy anything on your way to classes. Care for lunch beforehand, which will both reduce your expenses and advance your health.
  • Find entertainment opportunities, which are free of cost. No matter if you study online or offline, you need to rest. Fortunately, there are lots of free activities you can experience. Browse the Internet and find the entertainment options you appreciate. Do your best to find a nice hobby, which will not cost you a fortune.
  • Postpone buying a car. Right, it may be complicated to head to vacation or go to the faraway supermarket, but it will definitely be cheap. First of all, you will save money on the car itself. Additionally, you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars on gas every single month.
  • Forget about your credit card. Do you like using your credit card? Forget about it for a month, and you will notice a considerable change in your financial situation.