How to Write a Five-Paragraph Essay: Step-by-Step Guide

What is the most typical type of assignment college students obtain? A basic five-paragraph essay is a form of obligatory paper necessary for every single student. At the same time, the vast majority of learners do not have skills, knowledge, and experience sufficient for crafting an impeccable paper that has an excellent structure and scientific value.

If you are absolutely convinced that you are the only one who has challenges dealing with this type of assignment, relax, as most students share your struggle. Therefore, this time I want to give precious tips and recommendations my friend once gave me. I have used them a thousand times and cannot deny the truth, they are worth your attention.

It is essential to realize that a five-paragraph essay is a classical model of scholarly work. The student should have basic information about the essay format and understand how to write a five paragraph essay. Of course, it may take some time and effort to investigate each and every specification of the process, but once you grasp the main idea, you risk becoming a pro.

Basically, a five-paragraph essay consists of five parts, including the introduction, body, and conclusion, each of them having a unique value. One of my fellow students once told me that learning how to develop a top-notch classical essay is one of the indispensable skills every student should possess. Irrespective of the subject, area, or complexity of the assignment, a traditional structure, and helpful tips will contribute to your success.

What is necessary to mind as you work on a custom paper? There are tasks a lot more complicated than five-paragraph essays, but the moment you learn to craft a simpler one, you are ready to deal with a more challenging assignment. What is the best way to get started? What should you include in the text? How is it possible to expand your ideas and get ready with a perfect paper? These are the typical questions students keep asking, and I am not an exception. Fortunately, together with my friend, we have managed to find out the formula for an excellent paper. Check out the simple steps you need to take to craft a flawless essay.

  • Opt for the topic. No matter if you are writing a compare and contrast essay, narrative, or any other type of academic paper, you should start choosing the subject. Your task is much simpler, but not always if your instructor provides you with the theme. In other cases, you have to formulate the title and launch your work.
  • Outline the work. Once you have selected the topic and the subject of your paper, it is the high time to make an outline. Helping tackle the five-paragraph essay, it will advance your ideas and give a chance to deliver the results of the research in the right succession. Divide your essay into meaningful parts and specify the main thought of each one of them.
  • Proceed to the research. This step is exceptionally valuable for your five-paragraph essay. Learn as much information on the topic as possible, use only relevant sources and materials, which will help your paper be scholarly and up-to-date.
  • Think about the thesis statement. This point may not be significant for a narrative essay, but you cannot skip it as you develop an argumentative paper. A separate sentence can presuppose the route of your whole essay.
  • Develop body parts. Even inexperienced students are aware of the crucial parts of the academic paper. Bear in mind that the introduction and conclusion are the items that should coincide and prove one another. The main body, at the same time, is aimed at the expansion and development of the statements you make in the initial piece.
  • Proofread the whole paper. This is the last but not the least important part of the work, which requires exceptional attention and concern. However, there is no way you submit the paper with minor misprints, errors, and other issues.
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Key Parts of the Five-Paragraph Essay

It is impossible to deny that a five-paragraph essay is one of the most common academic assignments students receive. Apart from college students, a diversity of other learners face this task. Consequently, it is essential to remember the specifications of the essay and its crucial parts.

Before you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of researching and writing, you need to find out the exact type of assignment you are to deal with. An important note: the structure of the paper will remain the same in the cause and effect essay, narrative, and other kinds of texts, but the content will vary a lot. Therefore, make sure you follow specific guidelines and meet the requirements of your professor.


The introduction is the first paragraph in your essay, which bears an exceptional significance. Working on a persuasive essay, or similar types of scholarly assignments, you need to pay ultimate attention to this point. Why is the introduction important? It presents the subject and specifies the main idea of the paper. Therefore, the task of the writer here is to impress the audience and intrigue it.

According to the recommendations of my friend, the hook is indispensable in this part of the essay, as it piques the interest in the topic and promotes the value of further information.

Main Body

This is the biggest part of your paper, which usually consists of three parts. The five-paragraph essay can be relatively easy if you have enough arguments to present and develop in the main body. Each idea or concept should be highlighted in a distinct paragraph. Summarize your point and prove the arguments you make so that you are 100% confident your argumentative essay is authentic and relevant.


The standard five-paragraph format paper contains a conclusion as the last and one of the most important parts. What should be included? No new ideas, thoughts, or examples. The main task of the writer is to paraphrase the introduction and re-assert your key claim. Following the reviews of the experienced writers, a conclusion is one of the most difficult-to-craft parts of the essay, as it should connect the introduction and body together, supporting the central ideas and emphasizing the crucial facts.

Top 10 Tips to an Impeccable Five-Paragraph Essay

No matter if you are a first-year student or an experienced one, you will surely face the challenges related to writing an essay. Fortunately, I always have a chance to discuss how to write a five-paragraph essay that works with one of the more experienced friends. His writing competence is much better than mine, so I can always get a precious piece of advice when it is needed.

If you are the one who shares my struggles and has similar challenges, you can take advantage of the several important tips presented below. To tell the truth, that's my only hope in hard times.

  • The subject of the essay is one of the crucial points that should be taken into account first.
  • An outline is an indispensable part of the work that is comprehended in the initial stages of work. The detailed plan will simplify your task and make your paper more structured and relevant.
  • Come up with three supporting evidence or thoughts you want to present in the main body. Mention them in the outline and develop them through the text.
  • An introductory paragraph should be involving, impressive, and catchy. Present key information, but skip the details.
  • Summarize the thesis and emphasize the first idea in the initial body paragraph.
  • Make sure your arguments are presented in logical succession.
  • Come up with a well-crafted conclusion that will support your ideas but will not contain any new facts.
  • Edit and revise your paper to avoid unwanted mistakes and insignificant errors that will diminish the value of your text.