How To Write A Thesis Statement Step By Step

If you are a college student, you should understand every single word I mention. First of all, dealing with an academic assignment is hard. No matter if you need to craft an outline or develop an introduction, there is no way you succeed without proper knowledge and experience. However, diligent, determined, and hard-working students always have an opportunity to learn the basics and discover specifications necessary for the achievement of the desired effect. It is hard to deny that students may get the most diverse types of assignments, and the main thing that differentiates a proficient writer from an inexperienced one is flexibility.

Is it complicated for you to think of an excellent title for the paper? Do you have problems dealing with the conclusion? Well, this time, I will share my own experience working on various college tasks.

Contrary to other students, it has always been easy for me to think of a nice hook that can be included in the essay. Instead, I have always had a hard time writing a relevant and appropriate thesis statement that would meet the requirements of the professor and impress the readers. Therefore, my purpose today is to share some tips and recommendations that may help you avoid problems and deal with the most complicated academic situations.

The first and most significant rule is that creating a thesis statement is the first step in developing your topic. But, why is it so important to craft a flawless thesis? According to the definition, a thesis statement consists of one or several sentences that tie together key ideas and arguments related to the subject. There is no way you succeed with your essay unless your thesis statement is 100% structured and logically presented. No matter if you are working on a trivial five paragraph essay or any other type of paper, an impeccable thesis is indispensable.

What is a Thesis Statement? Features and Specifications of the Strong Thesis

Once you have learned the key information about the notion, you should know that this single sentence can either advance your paper to a completely new level or make it fully irrelevant. So, what are the steps to developing a working thesis statement and making it effective?

  • Specify a certain point of view. Following one of the most important rules, a quality thesis should sum up the main idea of your text and coincide with the conclusion. There is no way you present one point of view in the thesis statement but develop a completely different one in the body paragraphs.
  • Justify the discussion. A splendid thesis statement emphasizes the key concepts and proves arguments.
  • Deal with the central idea. There is no need to make a thesis statement extended, including all the possible explanations and arguments that will be specified in the paper. Instead, the task of the student is to unveil the information about the central concept and contribute to the student’s interest in the subject.
  • Keep it specific. A flawless thesis statement is direct, concise, and relevant. Make it short but accurate, so the reader can get a clear idea of what you are going to talk about.

If you still doubt your ability to develop a perfect thesis statement worth the best grades, here are the top 3 steps to writing a thesis your instructor will appreciate.

  • Pose a question. It may be easier to ask a suitable question if you are working on the argumentative essay, while you may have challenges with other types of academic assignments. During the first stage of your work, you need to understand the meaning and purpose of your research.
  • Make a quick reply. What is the first idea that comes to your mind the moment you hear the question? Well, it may be the best way to craft your thesis statement. However, make it sound scholarly and keep it structured.
  • Develop your ideas. Once you have a basic understanding of the topic, the aim of your writing, and other specifications, you can start working on the extended thesis. An important note I have learned from my own experience: you can make a thesis statement deeper but not larger.

Why Should Your Essay Contain a Thesis Statement? Its Types and Features

There is hardly any student who does not know that any cause and effect essay, narrative, or persuasive one consists of three main parts. So, where is the place for a thesis, and why should a thesis statement be significant, debatable, and limited? These are the most common concerns of students, and the answers to them are exceptionally simple.

First of all, the main purpose of the thesis is to help the author get the main idea of the subject. Additionally, the writer will have an opportunity to organize thoughts and structure arguments. The final but not less important reason why the writer should not but use the thesis is due to its ability to guide the flow of thoughts and explanations.

Another important point the writer should take into account is the existence of several types of thesis statements. Just as you can work on the argumentative narrative of a compare and contrast essay, you have an opportunity to develop different forms of thesis statements. The most common ones include:

  • Informative. The purpose of this type of thesis is to highlight your intentions and guide you through the body up to the ending.
  • Persuasive. This type of thesis statement is used more frequently, especially in a custom narrative essay. The main idea of this technique is to make a certain statement and argue it right in the introductory paragraph.
four tips on writing a thesis statement

How Can You Write a Good Thesis Statement? Key Aspects that Influence the Quality of the Delivered Assignment

It is hard to deny that striving to create an excellent paper, the students are ready to overcome the most diverse challenges. However, one of the key secrets of the successful accomplishment of college papers is by developing a well-structured, short, but an informative thesis statement.

Are you confident of key factors that can contribute to the quality of your study thesis and make it relevant and impressive? Check out some of the crucial items to keep in mind when refining and polishing a thesis statement.

  • Investigate the assignment. Make sure you comprehend what kind of paper you need to deliver. Check out the requirements and other specifications your professor has made.
  • Do your best to make a thesis statement specific. Do not include the information which is not mentioned in the essay. Support your ideas with facts, statistics, and evidence
  • Place your thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph. Make the transition to the main body smooth, clear, and meaningful.
  • Revise your thesis statement at the final stage of your work, as some arguments and crucial points can be changed during the process.

Have you read all the recommendations and specifications mentioned above? Well, it is time to practice your skills and use theoretic knowledge practically. Can’t you still cope with the task? Check out a few examples that will give you a better understanding of how different thesis statements can be.

Argumentative Thesis Statement Example

The vast majority of colleges should oblige graduates to take one year off in order to volunteer in community service projects. It will help them become more emotionally mature and environmentally aware.

The writer should expand the topic and provide the reader with arguments that will support the claims mentioned in the thesis statement.

Analytical Thesis Statement Example

The character of Mr. Hyde, described in the book, represents the power of evil existing beneath the surface. Stevenson wanted to emphasize the moral hypocrisy of contemporary society.

The author did not only highlight the features of the main character but also gave a hint on the further topic of the essay.

Expository Thesis Statement Example

With the invention of Braille, the lives of many people have changed greatly, as they have got an opportunity to live a full life, being accepted by families, friends, and society.

The writer gives a specific topic that can be further developed and expanded.

Narrative Thesis Statement Example

Death is an indispensable part of life, which should be accepted.

The topic of the essay is ultimately specific, while the thesis statement is logical, meaningful, and informative.