How to Write an Essay Fast and Get a High Grade

College students are constantly hungry, sleepy, and busy. In the vast majority of instances, they cannot cope with the essential assignments on time, so they do their best to figure out how to write a paper fast or accomplish the task on time. The tendency is getting worse when the time for exams approaches. Sleepless nights, unlimited searches for quality academic writing help, common all-nighters are the things I have also experienced as a student.

After several negative experiences, the overwhelming majority of learners strive to fix their schedule and get an opportunity to sleep 7-8 hours, eat healthy food, and exercise, and I was not an exception. Meanwhile, many of them still forget about important tasks, such as essays. Well, the problem is not always hidden in the absence of time, as many high school and college students simply do not have sufficient knowledge, writing skills, and a desire to write quality papers. There is no way you will finish your essay quickly unless you are not excited about the subject or have no slightest idea on how to accomplish the assignment.

So, when the finals get closer and you are still not ready with an indispensable essay, you have several options:

  • Check out the simple tips on how to write an essay fast, and do your best to deal with an important task.
  • Search for a reliable and trustworthy online paper writing service and get qualified help with your task.

Both options are beneficial, but the first one will take much of your time and effort, while the second one – money. Opt for the suitable variant and craft the essay that meets specifications mentioned by the instructor, and other college essay format requirements.

Recommendations and the Basics of How to Write an Essay Quickly

Once you face the problem of the last-minute essay, the only thing you can do is forget about your sleep, put your thoughts together, start searching for the suitable data and come up with a well-structured and logically-built essay. If you are the one looking for essay writing tips, check out several specifications that may help you succeed.

  • Avoid distractions. The first and the most significant thing that may prevent you from possible success is the diversity of distractions around you. Mobile phones, laptops, people around you, and a lot of other things can take much of your time. When you are short of time, and a quality essay should be done immediately, the first thing you need to do is to find a calm place where you can work. Leave your phone and other items behind so that you can focus on your assignment and completely immerse yourself into the subject.
  • Learn the task. Once you are ready to concentrate on the task and do your best to make quality research, it is the right time to read our guide on how to write a good essay fast. Additionally, you need to check out the task your professor has assigned. Make sure you fully understand the topic, the goal of the investigation, and have no questions about any stage of the work.
  • Set time limits. When you have read the requirements for your essay, you can estimate how much time it will take to deal with it. Thus, during the next stage, your task is to use your time-management skills in order to find a necessary moment to accomplish the task. According to the recommendations of professional scholars, there is no way you accomplish your essay in a matter of minutes, as it may take up to a few hours. Dividing a big text into small paragraphs so that you can deal with one at a time.
  • Search for the relevant sources of information. Proper research is the only way to a successful essay. Therefore, it is indispensable to start your work on the paper, searching for up-to-date and relevant sources of information. Check out books, scholarly journals, periodicals, and magazines that may help you understand the topic and unveil its specific points.
  • Craft an outline. Planning is always a crucial thing that may help you succeed. Write a detailed plan of your essay, so you can always be on track. Write an introduction to provide context, include body paragraphs to know your arguments, and mention the conclusion that will highlight all your ideas. A quality outline is the best way you craft a well-structured essay with properly organized thoughts and evidence, presented in the logical concession. Additionally, it will help you save time, organize your work wisely, and accomplish the task much faster.
  • Make a draft. While the vast majority of students proceed directly to writing an essay right after they get a topic, it is recommended to start with the draft. Follow the outline to put your ideas together and compile a good-looking text. However, leave some space so that you can add some examples or remove unnecessary points.
  • Edit and proofread the last variant of the essay. Writing an essay may look simple up to the moment when you need to check it. The main task of the student who is working on the last minute assignment is to make the essay as readable as possible. Avoid grammar, vocabulary, or spelling errors, as well as formatting mistakes, misprints, and other issues that can make your essay look poor. Keep in mind that your essay should also meet the requirements and specifications listed by your professor. No plagiarism is allowed.
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Step By Step Guide to Last-Minute Essay Writing

Being short of time, but still having a necessity to craft a quality essay on a specific topic, there is no way you do it unless you put in maximum effort and desire. Check out the guide on how to write an essay and remember the basic tips that have already been mentioned in order to increase your chances to succeed. Additionally, check out other guidelines that will advance your chances to cope with writing this last minute essay. So, basically, there are five main stages of the work that should obligatorily be minded and followed. Stay diligent and do not miss any of them if you strive to get the excellent grades for your academic paper.

Get on the Start

Once you have zero ideas on how to start an essay, you need to put your thoughts together, focus on the task, and start planning your work. The preparatory stage is exceptionally important, no matter if you are working on the usual paper or the last minute one. Create a favorable atmosphere around, avoid distractions, play light music that will help you focus and start working.

Skim the Sources of Information

It is impossible to deny that nowadays, students have an unlimited number of books, journals, scholarly magazines, and other sources of information they can successfully use for the last-minute essay or any other type of assignment. However, it is inevitable to be selective and deal only with trusted and reputable platforms that offer quality statistics, relevant data, and up-to-date evidence.

Make an Outline

Have you already learned the topic a bit? It is the right time to plan your work and proceed to the basic parts of the quality paper. Make notes to simplify your task. Divide the essay into several paragraphs to eliminate tension and deal with the assignment faster. A well-tailored outline is your way to successful and flawless work.

Acknowledge the subject, сreate a thesis statement, and specify key parts of the essay to be included. Add a quote, citation details, and the key idea of each conceptual peace to make your work guided.

Write Your Essay

Irrespective of the topic of the essay you are working on, there are classical components that should be included. I should admit that I have always been successful with the first two, but had no idea how to finish an essay fast. However, after reading a few sample papers, I have managed to cope with the task and deliver the best last minute essay ever.

Revise and Submit

There is no way you check your text for mistakes, errors and misprints right after you have written it. Take some time off your essay and go back to it after an hour or so. In this way, you will have an opportunity to look at it in a completely different way. What should be included in the final stage? Read your essay aloud, as it will help you notice more mistakes, structural problems, and vocabulary misuses. Search for errors, check the citation and proofread the whole paper for minor misprints and technical mistakes. Are you ready with all these stages? Then, submit the essay.

Top 5 Most Common Types of Essays Students Have Problems with

Writing an essay is usually challenging, but it may be even more complicated when the student has to deal with the last-minute paper. The task may become even more difficult if you are given the task to develop an essay on the topic you are not interested in or present the information in a strictly specified way. In fact, there are five types of essays, student struggle the most with:

  • Argumentative essay. It is one of the most common types of essays, the main task of which is to convince the reader. The writer should first specify a personal point of view, give as many arguments and evidence as possible, and then make the reader support these facts. 
  • Cause and effect essay. This is another type of essay you may have problems with. The main task of the student is to set a relation between a specific action and the effects it potentially causes. The main problem with this type of essay is its complicated structure and inability of students to present their thoughts in logical succession.
  • Compare and contrast essay. There is no need for the student to evaluate certain points, but rather present detailed information about the similarities and discrepancies of certain items or subjects.
  • Narrative essay. A narrative essay is not quite common for college students. As far as I remember, I have got such an assignment two times for four years. Anyway, at some point, you may need to present information about your real-life experience.
  • Persuasive essay. As the name implies, your main task is to convince the reader of the relevance of your arguments. Give as many facts as possible so that your point of view seems to be convincing. Logical structure, the diversity of solid facts, and expert opinion can make your essay correspond to its type.

Services and Tools to Succeed with the Last-Minute Essay

While I have always been trying to do my best to write a quality last time essay on my own, my friend has always been taking advantage of the excellent services and tools offered online. In the vast majority of instances, the task to write an essay makes you frustrated and embarrassed about where to start. Follow the recommendations of my best friend and use the following tools for your convenience.

  • Wikipedia is one of the biggest platforms that contain information on literally every topic. No matter how complicated the subject of your essay is, you will definitely find some interesting facts and exciting ideas about it in Wikipedia. However, this is not the only resource that should be used for your essay. As a rule, I take at least three different sources of information to present the well-grounded arguments and relevant information about the issue.
  • Grammarly is an indispensable tool that will help you proofread your text. Usually, students care more about how to write a college essay really fast, so they forget about the importance of its overall look. I use Grammarly for literally every paper I pass. The option is available in the form of a desktop program and an extension, which helps you correct the mistakes on the go.
  • Citation Machine. Well, I have fewer problems with citation styles, but my friend suffers from it a lot. Citation machine is the option that will not help you with the essay structure, grammar mistakes, or other aspects of the writing process, but will surely be useful for proper formatting of the essay.
  • Mindmeister. It is another convenient tool that provides students with an opportunity to focus on valuable assignments and accomplish them on time. Pin your ideas, make important notes, write down your arguments to use them later in your paper.

Using as much help as possible to create an authentic paper just in a few hours is the point in writing this last minute essay. Therefore, the above-mentioned list of convenient and affordable online services will help you cope with the task quickly and easily. Additionally, I should be honest with my readers, telling you that both my friend and I are sometimes taking advantage of the online custom essay writing services. It is also a beneficial option for those who do not have time, desire, or knowledge necessary for writing a quality paper. However, this is the variant that should not be overused, as it may keep your scores high, but knowledge ultimately low.