How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Killer Guide for Everybody

Writing papers is all in a day’s work for students, but this is not a reason to despair. Completing a standout essay isn’t rocket science if you know some secrets and put them to use. Today, I’ll share killer tips on how to come up with excellent exemplification essay topics and craft a fantabulous assignment without pulling an all-nighter! Brandon and I have created this guide, and now, we are ready to share it with you! We are here to help you sail through the course and get a second wind if you dunno how to cope with one more academic challenge!

What Is an Exemplification Essay

You may have a feeling of dread when hearing the word “exemplification” the first time. No wonder, when we face something unknown, we always feel a bit frightened or confused, and that’s okay. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. You may start questioning yourself - Is this a kind of an argumentative essay? Are there any nuances to bear in mind? Will I be able to cope with this daunting challenge? Sure, if you understand the core.

Exemplification Essay Definition

Some sources say this is a kind of argumentative writing and they are right! The dictionary defines the exemplification essay as an assignment where an author has to prove the thesis with numerous examples. When completing such an essay, you should use relevant information to support your viewpoint. I recommend giving sufficient time to choosing each example to appeal to the readers and to convince them.

What Are the Various Types of Exemplification Essays

You may craft two types of exemplification essays. Sticking to the first one, this is vital to provide numerous examples to support the point. The basic idea is proven by some illustrations. In the second one, you provide a single brilliant example examining the related smaller details. No matter what type you pick, you’ll get the hang of it, thanks to my advice.

As for the example types used in the assignment, there are five groups:

  • Typical-case
  • Personal-case
  • Generalized
  • Extended
  • Hypothetical

The typical ones are objective, while the personal examples are subjective, informing the reader about real-life situations. Generalized examples are typical for most men. I consider the hypothetical ones the most interesting because the reader has to visualize some situations while reading the lines of your paper.

Exemplification Essay Structure

You’ll have to stick to more or less the same structure as in other college essays, although there are some points making it different.

Exemplification Essay Outline

Drawing up an outline is the key to success, and I know it! Some students skip this significant stage when doing their cause and effect essay or any other type and get a bit confused as a result. Not to get trapped, bear in mind that crafting an outline will help you do the assigned task faster and easier. You may search for some essay layout samples online, but the standard structure includes an introduction, two-three body paragraphs, each one with examples to support the thesis, and the concluding part. In case you’ve picked just one example to support the key argument, the body will be dedicated to it fully. Yeap, this is possible! This is you who decides on how to write an exemplification essay.

The Introduction

This is a part where you hook the audience and urge them to keep reading your work. Feel free to write some quotes, stats, or rhetorical questions. If I’m not sure my hook is masterly done, I always consult Brandon and think about some other possible variants if the first one isn’t really engaging.

Once you’ve decided on the hook, it’s high time to think about the thesis. Don’t overload it with too many words, one sentence will be enough.

The Body

Now it’s high time to add the body paragraphs to an essay. The majority of students stick to the three paragraphs like when doing a compare and contrast essay, but their number depends on the points and examples. The weakest point should go first, and the final one should be the strongest. Feel free to use various types of examples like personal, comprehensive, or brief ones. For backing up points, it is advised to use the combination of two, but I know Brandon used a pile of brief examples to back up an idea and got the highest grade! So, it is up to use which strategy to pick, the main thing is to convince the reader like you do when crafting your persuasive essay or any other task.

The Conclusion

When wrapping up everything written above, it is vital to touch on the main key points without repeating the previously said information. The main goal isn’t to attract attention to another viewpoint but to convince the one who reads your work that you understand what you are writing about. An assignment will be winning and complete right after adding the final touch!

Step by Step Guide to Writing an Exemplification Paper

Here are some of the steps to completing a superb essay that wins over your readers. Follow them, and you won’t get bogged down in writing:

Pick an appropriate topic

If you are given a free choice on an exemplification essay, you are a lucky one! Spend some time brainstorming! Coming up with a good topic is around 60% of success or even more! To attract the reader, the good topic for an exemplification essay should be unique, up-to-date, and interesting. When brainstorming, think about the things that interest you the most. Avoid picking too broad topics or narrow ones because it will be a daunting challenge to complete a winning paper. Have no brilliant ideas? Search for some ideas on the web.

It’s time for research

Your claims have to be backed up with numerous examples. To craft a fantabulous paper, search for striking examples in some relevant sources. If you failed doing it, maybe you would have to rethink the choice and come up with another idea for your exemplification theory essay.

Keep in mind that proves have to be true, relevant, and entertaining. Making a connection between the chosen example and a statement you are going to support has to be a piece of cake. Otherwise, an example you’ve picked is ineffective.

Craft the body paragraphs first

Here you’ll have to present examples and provide some details on how they support the main statement. The number of paragraphs depends on the number of examples you were lucky to get. As for the language, I advise you to focus on using only relevant words avoiding too many unfamiliar terms to avoid confusion.

If you are experiencing writer’s block, get a change of pace or hit the sack. Once you feel like getting a second wind, jumpstart writing.

An introductory and concluding paragraphs

Yeap, when completing this type of essay, I recommend you to write these parts last. Be logical and consequent. You’ll easily cope with this task when the body is already crafted. Once everything is done, take a break.

Polish your work

This is a vital step, and you should never skip it. Brandon always asks me to check his papers, and I do the same. You know, there might be some awkward errors, redundant words, and misprints hidden from your eyes, so it is better to ask your friends or someone qualified to check the completed task.

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Finding Examples of Exemplification Essays Online

Have some doubts whether you’ll cope with crafting a first-class paper? Want to make sure you’ve done everything right? Go the extra mile and browse some samples online to ease the task and get a grade A template that can be used for completing an assignment. There are numerous online platforms owning a rich database of samples you can use for free. Yeap! This is a big plus because you have a chance to view perfectly-crafted assignments as illustrative, narrative essays, research works, etc. After checking a template, you won’t have problems with structuring or formatting your assignment and will cope with the task in the blink of an eye!