How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay Step by Step

It is largely acknowledged that every student has a vulnerable spot, and I am not an exception. When it comes to writing another paper or crafting a narrative essay, I can rarely succeed without side help. Fortunately, I always have Brandon by my side and his unique recommendations. Additionally, with the rapid and continuous development of modern technology, every student has an opportunity to find necessary information online. To tell the truth, after several months of constant struggles with my assignments, I have finally got used. Now, I do not care whether I need to deal with a persuasive essay, cause and consequence, or any other type of academic writing.

Assuming that you have the same problems as I used to have, this guidance is exactly what you need. Hopefully, my experience will aid your success in studying and make you a better student. This time I strive to share essential information about compare and contrast essays, their specifications, and indispensable tips for their successful writing.

Basically, it is inevitable to figure out what you are to deal with. Compare and contrast is a rhetorical style that discusses the similarities or/and discrepancies between two subjects. Although it may sound too simple, the true aim of the writer is to highlight the subtle features of both items. It is also crucial to follow the classical format of the essay, retaining its key components. If you strive to make your paper look scholarly, informative, and influential, you need to care for the first and last paragraphs the most. Simultaneously, body passages should also be relevant, impressive, and involving.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay? 

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a fascinating world of writing? Before you make the final decision, I am eager to share one of the most important recommendations Brandon once shared with me. It is quite simple and easy to remember, but it is also ultimately assistive. So, if you want to succeed with something, you need to understand not only the essence of the question but also the goal of your actions and specifications of the task. Therefore, before you launch your work, it is essential to learn the definitions.

When it comes to comparison, you should understand that here you require a comprehensive analysis of the element correspondence, while the contrast part is related to their dissimilarities. If you're writing a compare and contrast essay that follows the combination of both, it may be a more complicated task, but it is also more interesting. At this point, it is more appealing to work with the assignments when you can opt for the topic individually, as it gives you a chance to demonstrate your creativity and flexibility, but still, you need to have the knowledge and skills necessary for writing a high-quality, impeccable paper on any topic.

What Exactly Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Search the Internet and look for detailed information about compare and contrast essays, which may help you deliver the paper worth the highest grades. Additionally, it is inevitable to remember that all the details and features of the compared items should be relevant and true-to-life. There is no place for exaggeration or underestimation of their concepts, natures, and specifications. Learn the structure of the essay type, as well as its key peculiarities to succeed and get the best grades. Follow simple steps to achieve the desired results and come up with a profound, well-structured, and excellent compare and contrast essay:

  • Decide on the subject you strive to discuss.
  • Think about the title of your paper, which will be catchy, and involving.
  • Craft a detailed outline, which will guide your further work, making the process much simpler.
  • Include an impressive and intriguing hook and make the thesis statement, which will introduce the issues under analysis.
  • Pay due concern to the crucial parts of the text, which will predetermine the success of your essay.
  • Follow the plan, extending every point, and including relevant facts, up-to-date statistics, and other points which will strengthen your arguments.
  • A conclusion is a significant part to consider. Make it short, concise, and meaningful.

Compare and Contrast Essay Structure

When you write a compare and contrast essay, be sure you are attentive to details. The composition is one of the points you should never forget, especially when it comes to this type of paper. There are two different strategies you can use to craft an excellent text. You may structure the compare and contrast essay using either the alternating method or the block method. In the first case, the writer specifies a certain peculiarity and provides a comprehensive description of both subjects. If you follow a contrasting plan, you should first analyze one subject and then the other.

Irrespective of the writing strategy you choose, make sure you present information and your personal opinion in a scholarly, substantial, and concise manner.

tips on how to write a compare and contrast essay

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Introduction?

No matter if you are working on a traditional 5 paragraph essay or an extended paper, you should never forget that introduction is a crucial point that will either impress and interest your readers or make them indifferent towards your paper. There are numerous items that should obligatorily be included in the introductory paragraph of your compare and contrast essay:

  • Hook. It is your chance to emphasize the significance of the research. Additionally, the writer can intrigue the audience and make them interested in the subject under discussion.
  • Thesis statement. What is the goal of your essay? What are you going to consider in the body paragraphs? Make sure you understand the purpose of your writing and specify it in a single sentence.
  • Link. There are several different ways how an average compare and contrast essay could be built, but the interrelation of its parts remains crucial.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay Thesis Statement?

It has already been mentioned before that an outline is an indispensable part of the writing process. Once you have got the idea of what an introduction should look like, you can proceed to the thesis statement. There are no rules about its content, but what the student should aim for is a precise, distinct, and logically built sentence, which contains key information on the topic, but does not reveal all the specifications.

How to Write a Compare and Contrast Paragraph?

It is easier to divide a compare and contrast essay into paragraphs if you have strict directions and guidelines provided by the professor. For instance, if you have been assigned to craft a 1000 word essay, you can include from three to five passages, which will highlight key features and peculiarities of an item under discussion.

Irrespective of the volume of the work, you need to bear in mind that one paragraph should deal with one idea. Opt for the writing strategy before you start writing so that you are aware of the leading way to introduce information.

How to Conclude Compare and Contrast Essay?

There is hardly any distinctness between the concluding part of an argumentative essay, narrative paper, or compare and contrast text. The only fact you should take into account is that the conclusion is an indispensable constituent of the essay that should generalize the fact mentioned in the body. It is inevitable to rephrase the most important ideas and thoughts specified in the paper but present no new information.

Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

Fortunately, the contemporary online world is filled with different writing services that may help you craft impeccable compare and contrast essays ever. Diligent, ambitious, and goal-oriented students do not normally like the idea of getting the task done by someone else, but they may still appreciate an opportunity to get sample works. Check out some specifications and characteristics of items and double-check whether it makes sense to write about them in a compare and contrast essay. Be consistent with the structure and notice other little tricks that may add some relevance to your paper and make it more influential.